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Margaret has an innate sense of knowing exactly what you need to make a positive change in your life. Always non-judgmental and patient, she helps to gently steer you towards making a better version of yourself.

I will always be grateful to Margaret for helping me go through major transformations in my life and being there for me when I most needed her.

Lynette F


Working with Margaret has been a delightful and mind opening experience. I have been able to move on, learn to forgive myself and the people who have hurt me and betrayed my trust…

It has given me confidence and courage to know we have angels and a wonderful God who is watching over us!

Belle C


I arranged for a 2nd session as I was looking for guidance after having done what the first session had set me out to do.

My first session was very impactful and was the catalyst for me starting to look into healing myself and into alternative healing modalities. Now I’m in the process of training to be able to help others.

Melanie L


Margaret’s services were unique because of the insights, the impetus to provoke change and the quite magical improvements in the situation. I recommend her because I trust her to at least help anyone struggling with what seem like intractable problems.

As educated, professional, ‘modern’ people living in Singapore in 2020, it may seem odd or strange to delve into these spiritual areas but she was able to speak with me about it in very easy and authentic ways. She is warm, easy to speak with and open up to. The help may or may not be what you expect. But it’s a step towards a solution. You have to do your part as well of course and be open to the process.



Margaret is very genuine and you can really sense that. She has an incredible gift and was really meant to help people. After the sessions with her, I felt such a huge relief, it’s indescribable. I also felt calm and at peace. I benefited from her sessions in many ways.

One thing that stood out is realizing how much my spiritual guides are supporting me. Having a chance to hear what they say, as well as some family members from the past. Another example is going back and having a deep dive in my past was an out of this world experience literally.

Iryna N


Margaret has helped me discover the inner work I need to do in order to move forward to my life purpose. I begin to see from another perspective, one that is more empowering, that I have the ability to co-create with my guides, to live a more meaningful and purposeful life.

Margaret creates a nurturing and supportive space for me to grieve, share and heal from the past. Being in the presence of a woman healer helps me feel safe to open up without feeling judged. I can connect with her and feel her sincerity to help her clients.

She is one of the healers I’ve met who has integrity and honest with her work. She can help someone who is seeking more clarity in their lives, her approach is sensible and grounded. Easy for people who are sceptical with such work to connect. Her previous corporate background helps to bridge the tangible with the spiritual. 



The readings that Margaret has done for me since 2018 helped me through the most difficult times of my life. It was incredibly accurate and the insights provided have given me immense strength and comfort to move forward, which is the greatest gift one can ever receive.

Margaret has a wonderful energy and makes you completely at ease. She patiently took me through an amazing spiritual journey over the last few years. It has been such an honour to work with her.

If you ever require any insight, please give her reading a try! Margaret is truly a hidden gem. I am forever grateful that our paths crossed and you continue to be a bright guiding light in my life. Thank you, Margaret!

Chloe S


Angel Guidance

Wow, I received such clear advice on what to do about my terrible job and what preparation I need to do in the next few years to really pursue my real passion. Thank you!

Maya K


You are the best! You have a real talent for talking and sharing advice so clearly…. I felt my energy light up so much after your reading.

Taina K

Helsinki, Finland

I was so touched by your gentleness, kindness and sensitivity…. I think there are many people who are in deep pain who will find so much of comfort and healing with you.

Amy B

London, United Kingdom

Our session was extremely meaningful, impactful and clarifying … I’ve had so many spiritual consultations over the years …but this one really rocked my world …finally got answers to some of my most painful family issues that go back more than 30 years …

Reena S

Mumbai, India

She has helped provide clarity in several instances where I was facing personal challenges and doubts. What she did was act as a conduit and facilitate my inner resonance with the truth.

I’ve always come out of these sessions clearer minded and much more connected to my own inner strength and power.

Jimmy L

California, USA

Margaret’s work provides a connection, an understanding as well as clarity to what her clients seek. The result, if clients do the work, is healing and empowerment.

I learned a lot about myself and found the information that Margaret shared to be very empowering. I would recommend her services and have already recommended a few of my classmates.

Melanie L


The energy in her sessions felt good and they felt honest, raw and insightful. They helped me to work on certain issues and try to understand myself on a deeper level.

Margaret’s services have helped me gain more perspective in life and guided me along. I am deeply appreciative towards her because she has opened doors for me to decide if I want to walk through to get to know me on a deeper level, to work on certain past wounds, thus allowing the possibility for growth and healing.

Anyone with an open mind and heart will benefit from her services.

Amelia L


The first session resounded deeply within me from all points of view. It gave sense to past events, put names to feelings and intuitions, and most importantly, fostered change and progress in my spiritual practice.

The sessions helped me in many ways. In particular, hearing and, after the session, integrating the following messages helped immensely devote more time to healing and contacting guides.

A unique aspect of her sessions was the connection with her – she was seeing and hearing what I was feeling and doing.

Jose S

Brussels, Belgium

After the first session with her, I felt something prompting me repeatedly to seek her help again. I felt her readings were reliable, especially the card readings, chanelling, etc. She was friendly, professional and reliable. I would recommend her services because of my good experiences with her services.

I particularly liked the emotional healing and cord cutting, ancestral trauma healing and forgiveness sessions that helped me release very old emotional patterns that were weighing me down.

Stephen H


I really enjoyed Margaret’s kind, sunny disposition. I was scared of hearing things I didn’t want to hear – that perhaps my loved ones who had passed were angry or scared, or that I was somehow doing things wrong. But even when Margaret had to point out challenging things, she was able to do so with love and compassion and kindness. I felt protected throughout the session. Never was I fearful of what I was hearing.

I would recommend her as I think many people are at a loss to understand their feelings. Margaret can give them the boost they need to move forward into a clearer understanding of their feelings, lives, and relationships.

Paul R


Through the session, I had a clearer understanding of my path in life and the actions I had to take. The unique quality about the session is the insights with card reading.

Besides the reading, it was also conversational coupled with sharing of personal experiences. Margaret has the ability to relate the messages very clearly. She has good listening skills and provides insights by explaining the cards’ messages in layman’s terms to aid one’s understanding in one’s life events.

I would recommend her services as she is genuine and professional. I felt comfortable. She is not pushy or doing a sales pitch in our conversations.

Sandra R


Emotional Healing

I was struggling to heal and release myself from a toxic relationship at the time and her card and intuitive readings, as well as the emotional cord cutting helped me along that journey.

Margaret has a gentle, calm aura and an extremely warm and kind nature. Apart from being effective, she seemed to genuinely care about my well-being and helping me heal. If someone is open to the idea of alternative healing, I would recommend Margaret as a safe space to offer help. Her work has the potential to help those working towards emotional / spiritual healing.

Reena T


I have overcome many situations where, without her sessions, I would have been in a complete confusion and lost state. Her sessions help me to get more clarity and shift my perceptions on my views in terms of my current lifestyle.

She helps people to find clarity in life, align with life purpose and also to release emotions, attachments and energies that no longer serve, all these helps to heal others.

I would recommend Margaret’s services because I want others to find clarity in life just as I have.

Sheila S


The first session was an eye opener. She told me point blank about some reasons for my issues that I had never even considered, but which resonated as true, just that I had not wanted to see it before. The second session – the cord cutting –  was transformative. From the next morning, my behaviour with my partner was almost magically altered.

Where I had been guarded and blocked before, now I was able to speak and share and be open and spontaneous in a way that I hadn’t in years. It was amazing and very obvious to my partner and me.

Most importantly, the sessions helped me to address my issues more productively – I took steps that led to a real change. I used to feel hopeless about our relationship and my partner’s happiness and never thought we could in some way ‘go back’ to being normal, natural, relaxed and happy. I’m incredibly grateful to Margaret for practically saving my marriage and family, and my partner’s happiness and sanity.



Inner Child Healing

I was blown away by Margaret’s ability to identify issues and challenges that I was facing with perfect accuracy, beyond what I was consciously aware of.

After two healing sessions, I felt liberated from my childhood trauma and from low self-worth. I now accept myself for who I am. I also found my voice to communicate openly about what’s true for me. My relationships with my colleagues and friends have also improved.

Cheryl G


Past Life Healing

I’ve been to many readings before with other people, and some were good. But what I didn’t like is how they were doing it because of business and trying to upsell you all sort of things. Margaret is very different, not at any point did I or any of my friends feel like it was some sort of a fraud and Margaret was trying to find a way to bring us back.

Margaret had to go through a long and very traumatic past life with me and this energy exchange had to be of a good value, so I was surprised when she was hesitant to quote the fee. I was thinking “My goodness, you literally went through a major trauma with me and I am the one who owes you forever!”

Iryna N


Forgiveness and Peace-Making

The Forgiveness session was a powerful healing experience which set me free from long-held trauma from my father’s alcoholism.

I’m making peace with my family as a whole and am now building better relationships. I’m also on my way to learning to trust men now.

Lina S


Margaret’s healing work is powerful. I felt a positive shift in my energy after the first session so I booked  a 2nd session. I also became conscious of what were some of the issues that had caused my stuck-ness which were very much locked in my subconscious.

Immediately after the healing session, I felt liberated, energy within me flowed better and I felt happier. Healing continues after each session and I can feel and see that some of my fragmented selves have reintegrated back to me. I thus begin to love myself too.

Cheryl K


Coaching for Personal Transformation

The session made me slowly learn how to forgive myself, be more patient to allow my feelings to ease off. She is very in tune and experienced. Calling the angels was the most unique part of the session.

I would recommend her service to others as it is rare that layman are aware of such healing and I think it is powerful and beneficial.

Shou Ying Y


Thank you for helping me and my friend… your advice and healing suggestions have worked for me. My boss and I are back on good terms and he helped me change my job scope a bit so that I can recover and heal during this difficult period…so keep doing this as you are helping people like us who really need it.

Sharon L


Margaret is able to relate to my problems. She was a motherly figure to me, a good guide and mentor.

Her honest readings made me arrange for subsequent sessions with her. Due to her sessions, I was able to better cope with existing problems. I would recommend her services for her honest and sincere readings.

Karthik R


I was impressed on how a distance of thousands of kilometers was no obstacle for the more than successful sessions.

I will undoubtedly recommend her services. Because we are incomplete without our spirituality. And she shows you your spiritual side, and helps you integrate it into your life. And she is obviously powered by a very pure desire to help others. Which shows all through her sessions in the way she welcomes and cares about you.

Jose S

Brussels, Belgium

Decided to consult her again as I found myself getting stronger, more emotionally aware and more in control of how I handled things after each session.

After the session, I felt I had the right tools to help me deal with my own emotional baggage and anxieties, I could step out of a situation and see things a lot more clearly. 

I would definitely recommend her services as it has been a tremendous help to my emotional and spiritual wellbeing and I’d want other people to benefit in the same way.

Maya V

London, United Kingdom

Margaret has been a powerful resource in helping me find my true path in life and guiding me to the healing work that I needed to move forward and find happiness. The readings I have done with her have been authentic and knowledgeable.

You can feel her sincerity as she relays much needed information from my spirit guides, all of which ring true and I can feel the connections and meaningfulness of the information she relays.

I am often overcome with emotion as I feel the truth of what she is sharing with me from my spirit guides. All of her advice has been spot on and worked to create serious transformation in my life. I also feel the love that pours out of her while we are connecting in a session and know in my heart that she is there to guide and assist me from a spiritual place. My emotional baggage and wounding had gotten to the point where my health deteriorated and I had lost most of myself. With her poignant messages for me and guidance, I have worked to follow through and heal. Now my life is full of joy and love!

I trust her completely and would not hesitate to tell my loved ones and friends to seek out her skills to better understand themselves and find their way to their true path in life.

Shannon S

California, USA

My deep grief at the loss of my loved one lifted the moment the session ended. I realized that I was not alone in my sorrow and that there are loved ones who have passed who are looking after me all the time. This has given me comfort and solace and a way forward through the grief.

Margaret is a gifted communicator and mediator with the world beyond. She provides key insights into emotionally challenging parts of your life. She provides possible ways forward to handle these complex situations in her always compassionate and empathetic demeanour.

Paul R


Margaret is a great coach. With a wealth of experience in corporate and non-profit organizations, she is able to give clarity and support individuals to achieve what we want. She has the ability to channel.

She depends and collaborates with her spirit guides to support her in my healing process. I was amazed with the information that she received from her guides and heal my root issues. I also like how Margaret engaged me in the healing process and her explanation and debrief were very helpful for me.

Margaret also shared her knowledge and resources generously and openly. Her sharings have also helped me to find out more about the healing methodology so that I can also help myself and support others.

I would definitely recommend her services as Margaret’s channelling and healing work enables me to have a breakthrough and transformed my life. Therefore, many will benefit from her services too.

Cheryl K


Group Healing

My heartfelt sincere thanks for allowing me to take part in the group meditation. The best thing that I gained from your teachings was the cleansing. The patting of the head felt good, and despite being awake most of the night I did not get a headache, so really thank you for that information.

The messages you received from angels felt very authentic and I felt I was acknowledged by you and my small group. The session gave hope and faith to make changes to my life and your encouragement to pursue goals was very much appreciated.


Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Awaken Your True Power Workshop

This course gives insight to various tools and ideas useful for life reflection and reset. I find myself revisiting the notes and exercises as they yield different outcomes every time… meaning I continue to grow and evolve as a person.

Non-judgmental and safe, it’s highly recommended.

Yasmin J


Margaret was a great coach and guide during the workshop. She makes it come to life in very practical ways and creates an easy and comfortable way or assimilating knowledge.

It is a great workshop to either start thinking about what you want to achieve, where you want to go or to go deeper if you have already started that self reflection. Highly recommended.

Ana B


I am really happy to attend “Awaken Your True Power” workshop. It truly allows me to see clearly what are my superpowers, what makes me happy and how to use what I learnt in the workshop to make a happier life filled with love and passion.

This is truly a workshop for those who feel stuck or stagnant in life and wondering what to do to be happy.

Angeline P


The workshop is empowering and a must to attend for all who wishes to take charge of your life to create and experience magical moments for a fulfilling life journey.

Margaret is marvelous and most importantly, very generous in sharing her knowledge and practical tools & skills relevant for day to day. I thoroughly enjoyed this soul-searching experience.

Esther K