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One-on-One Services

Please note that an initial Angel Guidance session is required to map out where you are and unveil the unseen influences behind your situation before you can access the other one-on-one healing and coaching sessions.

Depending on what we discover during your initial consultation, Margaret will work with you to recommend the next steps that best meet your needs or intended goals. You have full choice in deciding how you wish to move forward after the initial Angel Guidance session.

Angel Guidance*


All of us have our own guardian angels.

The session will enable you to access the wisdom of your angels and divine guides to better understand the unseen influences behind the challenging situations in your life.

You will receive guidance on your soul’s divine purpose in this life and what you can do differently to resolve challenges and remove blocks to experience more joy and lightness. This is also helpful if you feel you’re at a crossroads and need guidance to move forward.

*Required for first-time clients

Emotional Healing & Cord-Cutting (2.5 Hrs)


This session enables you to identify and safely release emotional pain, and limiting patterns associated with specific individuals or events in your life.

You will also release negative energetic cords that keep you attached to the persons and events and reclaim your emotional balance.  Energetic cords tie people together. This includes negative ones that can weigh us down and hold us back from our goals.

With the assistance of your divine guides, you will cut negative cords connected to challenging individuals or events, and remove damaging energy implants that have kept you stuck, and release life-limiting patterns.

The session will help you stop energy leakage, release unhealthy attachments and free yourself from stuck patterns. You will claim back your natural vibrant energy to create a refreshing new life.

Margaret creates a nurturing and supportive space for me to grieve, share and heal from the past. Being in the presence of a woman healer helps me feel safe to open up without feeling judged. I can connect with her and feel her sincerity to help her clients.

She is one of the healers I’ve met who has integrity and honest with her work. She can help someone who is seeking more clarity in their lives, her approach is sensible and grounded. Easy for people who are sceptical with such work to connect. Her previous corporate background helps to bridge the tangible with the spiritual. 



Inner Child Healing (3 Hrs)


Where necessary, a healing for your wounded inner child will be offered to restore your joy and playful energy.

Our little one experienced pain and trauma when he / she was growing up and survived by creating coping mechanisms to deal with those experiences. Those coping mechanisms often continue to drive our responses to challenges as adults, limiting our responses to life events

This healing helps you to understand and release the old pain and coping mechanisms that are no longer useful for you, so that you can adopt updated and loving mechanisms to life challenges.

Past Life Healing (3 Hrs)


This session will enable you to look into and heal specific past life experiences that have created unhealthy karmic patterns, limiting belief systems, debilitating fears and blocks in your present life.

We will begin the process of forgiving yourself and other parties for inflicting wounds and set you free from karmic blocks.

Margaret has an innate sense of knowing exactly what you need to make a positive change in your life. Always non-judgemental and patient, she helps to gently steer you towards making a better version of yourself. I will always be grateful to Margaret for helping me go through major transformations in my life and being there for me when I most needed her.

Lynette F



Forgiveness & Peace-Making (3 Hrs)


When we hold on to any resentment or anger, they tend to chip away the peace and joy in our life.

This session enables you to heal damaged relationships – with yourself and significant others – to enjoy a more harmonious life. You will be guided to delve deep to identify wrongs done to you, acknowledge and forgive the contribution of all parties and begin healing the  damage.

Lovingly supported by your angels and divine guides, you will make peace with significant others and embark on the journey to claim true harmony in your life.

Coaching for Personal Transformation (4 Sessions)


This guided journey is for those who are ready to transform life or work-related situations in line with their personal goals, higher values and individual spiritual mission.

You will obtain greater clarity on your unique gifts and mission in life. This will allow you to better align your current life and work to them. You will also acquire higher perspectives, insights, and tools to step into your higher purpose and potentially make a difference in the world.

Your journey of transformation will be guided through a combination of divine insights, spiritual principles, leadership wisdom, personal stories of service, practical business sense and a healthy dose of humour.

Are you ready to step into a higher version of yourself and use your gifts to make a difference in the  world?

I was impressed on how a distance of thousands of kilometers was no obstacle for the more than successful sessions. I will undoubtedly recommend her services.

Because we are incomplete without our spirituality. And she shows you your spiritual side, and helps you integrate it into your life. And she is obviously powered by a very pure desire to help others. Which shows all through her sessions in the way she welcomes and cares about you.

Jose S

Brussels, Belgium

Fees for One-on-One Services

Fees for one-on-one services range from S$175 to S$225 per hour. Please contact us for fees for specific services.