Group Services


Learn and grow with like-minded others


Group Services

Chat with us to explore how best to access the right group service for you.

Healing Circles


This on-going service is meant for existing members of the Heartsong Healing Asia community who have accessed our services before.

This group service supports members who are keen to continue their on-going holistic well-being or spiritual learning by offering group sharing and a network of peer support.

Each group session addresses a topic related to spiritual minded living and is customised to current trends or needs of the community.

Group courses


We conduct group courses to foster mind-body-spirit well-being.

These facilitate knowledge upgrading and group learning on topics around living spiritually connected lives, spiritual practices to enhance life, self-empowerment, and self-development and how to create better versions of our self.

These topics will be announced ahead of time so that interested participants can sign up.

Group Healing


This service is for those who are unable to take up individual healing or prefer to experience a group process with other individuals with similar life challenges.

With group healing, each individual is likely to experience the combined intention, energy and healing power of like-minded individuals within a safe and non-judgmental environment.

The group is also likely to offer a network of support that provides understanding and practical assistance where required. 

Group Activities


These are group activities that are created to improve one’s mind, body, and spirit wellness, such as yoga classes, group meditation sessions, talks on adopting a healthy lifestyle that builds up one’s physical wellness and many others.

These would be conducted by members of the Heartsong Healing Asia community, i.e., those who have experienced life transformations with us and are keen to share their healing gifts with the community.  

My heartfelt sincere thanks for allowing me to take part in the group meditation. The best thing that I gained from your teachings was the cleansing. The patting of the head felt good, and despite being awake most of the night I did not get a headache, so really thank you for that information. The messages you received from angels felt very authentic and I felt I was acknowledged by you and my small group.

The session gave hope and faith to make changes to my life and your encouragement to pursue goals was very much appreciated.

JC, Raleigh

North Carolina, USA

Fees for Group Services

Fees for specific group services will be listed when the courses are announced.