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What can I expect from a healing session?

What can I expect from a healing session?

We offer a variety of healing sessions and each differs from the rest.

A few common features in healing sessions are:


  • Connecting with and releasing difficult emotions
  • Healing of old patterns and self-limitations
  • Making peace with self
  • Connecting with your individual guides and receiving their healing and blessings
Can healing sessions sometimes appear to fail?

We haven’t experienced a “failed healing session” in 3 years of practice.

A handful of individuals have not felt comfortable with the guidance or information they received. That might have more to do with their readiness to receive rather the session itself.

We encourage you to alert Margaret if you feel uncomfortable during the session so that she can attend to your concern immediately.

How many sessions do I need?

The healing and life transformation is not linear and depends on your own desired goals.

The first session helps in understanding the deeper truths and patterns of your situation. Beyond that session, you get to decide what, when and how you wish to address the issues most important to you.

Each session will help you resolve the issue you are keen to address. But some issues go very deep and may require more than one session.

We see it as a peeling off of the different layers of an onion. You get to choose how many layers you want to work on.

What should I do if I'm unhappy about a session?

Please speak to Margaret about your concerns as she is in the best place to fully understand and explain the dynamics of your private healing session.

Addressing fears, anxieties and uncertainties

Who are the people who need spiritual healing?

Most people can benefit from spiritual healing, provided they are open to owning and playing a pivotal role in healing their own minds, bodies and spirits. It helps if they are ready to explore a new healing paradigm of working with the wisdom and knowledge from the unseen realms rather than what can be seen only with our five senses.

Every one of us has the capacity to heal our inner selves. Spiritual healers help you to unlock that ability by re-wiring your perspectives, teaching you new skills and supporting you to navigate your healing journey.

Do I need to have a faith or belief in angels and spiritual guides before I can receive healing?

All that is required is an open and curious mind. And a willingness to receive love, guidance, and healing from Margaret and your guides from the unseen world.

Will I have to see the spirit guides? I’m scared of seeing them.

The angels and spirit guides do not have physical bodies but exist in energetic form. So, you are not likely to see them.

However, some people do feel physical clues like goosebumps and warm sensations when the guides are present.

Your angels and spirit guides love you unconditionally and will never give you reason to be fearful.

What happens if I don’t like what the angels or spiritual guides have to say?

Your guides operate in the realm of Truth and will only reveal information that is useful for you at this point in time.

There is a likelihood that you might find the answers uncomfortable or unwelcome. You have full choice on what you will accept.

We recommend you give yourself time to reflect on what has been shared with you. Trust your inner wisdom on what feels right / correct and only follow that. You have free will and there is no pressure for you to accept everything you are told.

Will I get unduly influenced by the spiritual guides? Can I become dependent on seeing Margaret?

Margaret’s work is focused on empowering YOU to gain knowledge, tools, and inner confidence to create a better life for yourself, ON YOUR OWN TERMS. Your power will not be compromised at any point in the journey.

You have free will and full control at every point in time. You are in the driver’s seat of your own transformation. Margaret observes strict boundaries to ensure your choice and free will are never compromised.

What if I feel uneasy mid-way during my session with Margaret and do not wish to continue?

We encourage you to share any concerns with Margaret as soon as possible so she can attend to them. It is acceptable to stop the session if you do not wish to continue. Margaret will advise you on payment terms accordingly.

What if I am unfamiliar with spirituality or am new to it?

It’s quite common to feel uncertainty, fear or even resistance when we face a new paradigm or perspective with regards to spirituality. Enough of us have been exposed to limited versions of spirituality that impose restrictions on life rather than expand our horizons.

It’s perfectly fine for you to ask questions and to test it out. But also know that some questions cannot be answered but need to be experienced. So, give yourself the opportunity to test and see for yourself if this benefits you or creates discomfort. Trust your inner self and inner wisdom on what’s best for you and make decisions accordingly.

Will my guides still help me if I have done bad things or made mistakes in my life?

Your angels and spirit guides love you unconditionally and will never judge you for your past actions. They are totally dedicated to helping you live a joyful life and will assist you in every way they can.

What is the difference between seeing a therapist and a spiritual healer?

As a spiritual healer, Margaret approaches healing in a holistic way, engaging your mind,body and spirit to address what is bothering you.

She partners your spiritual guides (such as angels, healthy ancestors, ascended masters, power animals, etc) to access deeply buried knowledge regarding your soul journey. With a deeper understanding of your karmic lessons, soul contracts, limiting patterns, etc, she is able to combine energy healing tools with talk therapy to bring you the right support for your unique healing needs

Will I encounter unhealthy or negative forces during the session?

Margaret’s work is firmly anchored in Light and is supported and aided by spiritual guides from the Light.

She follows a strict energy clearing regiment to maintain a clean and healthy physical and virtual space for you to experience healing.

She also calls upon the protection of her guides before every session.

How can I be assured that you are a genuine and trained healer?

You might find the information presented in the About Margaret and Testimonials sections on this website helpful. 

One-on-One Services

How do I decide if I should sign up for a one-on-one or a group session?

One-on-one sessions are highly customised and targeted to address your own unique needs in a private setting.

Group sessions offer learning, healing, and growing with others who may be working on similar issues. It is likely that you may receive less individual attention in a group setting.

Please discuss with Margaret which options will best serve you at this point.

How long does a one-on-one session last?

Depending on the nature and intended outcome, the sessions generally range between one to four hours.

Some individuals may require more time to go through the healing process, so the duration of the session may be extended by mutual agreement.

Do virtual sessions work, or would in-person sessions be better?

They are both equally effective in meeting the intended outcomes. All of my overseas clients connect with me virtually and report the same benefits as clients who see me in person.

Some clients like the comfort and privacy of meeting up in person, face-to-face.

How should I prepare for a one-on-one session?

This depends on the specific session and varies from individual to individual. You will receive specific instructions on how to prepare for each session during your discussion with Margaret.

Group Services

How are groups formed?

Groups are organised as guided by Margaret’s spiritual guides.

Can I choose my group members? What if I don't like them?

Group members are assigned by us. Please alert Margaret early if you are uncomfortable with the group so that she can attend to your concerns. 

Privacy & Minimum Age Limit

Can I have another person accompany me for the sessions?

Margaret aims to create a safe space for every client to discuss and express their vulnerable selves. So, it is best for you to attend the session individually.

In addition to privacy concerns, there is a risk that another person’s energy may impact the session.

Do you keep a record of the session?

We do not make any audio-visual recording of the session. Margaret does keep written notes for follow-up purposes.

How is my privacy protected?

Your personal information is protected according to Data Protection Laws in Singapore. Margaret also ensures that all information regarding you is held in the highest confidence.

Do you see individuals under 18 years of age?

Margaret sees individuals below 18 years of age if they are accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Payment, Recheduling, Cancellation & No-Show

How do I pay?

Please  note that a deposit of 50% of the stated value of the session is to be paid after confirmation of your appointment. The remainder may be paid after the session.

Individuals with Singapore bank accounts may pay via PayNow, PayLah or with cash.

Those with overseas bank accounts may pay via PayPal or bank transfer. Please note that an admin fee will be added by PayPal for payments made on that platform.

Do you offer payment by instalment?

This option is not available. If you have any concerns or questions regarding payment, please discuss it with Margaret BEFORE the session.

What is your policy on punctuality, rescheduling, cancellation, or no-show?

Appointments will be held for 15 minutes and may be cancelled if we do not hear from you. If you arrive late, your session may be shortened.

Cancellations made less than 24 hours before appointment time and no-shows will incur a 20% charge.

Please refer to our payment policies for more details.