Clear away the old and align your energy for a meaningful 2022!


10% discount for all services in December 2021. Limited slots available.


Hello everyone. As we enter the last month of 2021, are you reflecting on what an interesting, if not tumultuous, year it has turned out to be around the world?

Even if not on huge, external levels, the ongoing pandemic made so many of us question the way we live and work, our relationships and priorities and just the way we approach our lives, isn’t it?

I must admit, the 2nd half of 2021 completely turned my inner life out, making me examine, question, and make shifts big and small in every aspect of my life.

This has helped me discover a radically refreshed mindset, transformative health changes, more nourishment in relationships, deeper dives into spiritual work, stronger alignment with my highest life purpose, and just about a dash of magic in everything. In hindset, I didn’t realize this, but a miracle had been unfolding over the last TWO YEARS, and I’m only now watching hand-over-mouth at how it’s shown up.


It’s with a heart full of gratitude, I share this with you (again) : we are here for a purpose FAR BIGGER than we ever imagined and we are being supported in magical ways, ALWAYS, to fulfill that purpose. All that is happening around us is helping us along that purpose. AS LONG AS we don’t resist it or get in our own way.


As we prepare for 2022, what do YOU need to examine and shift in your life? What old beliefs, priorities or goals do you need to release to create a brighter new year and energy for yourself?

What is the purpose that you need to stop resisting and start aligning to?

Which new vision have you dreamt that needs seeding and nurturing?

Or what tricky situation is poking you in your side that needs to be looked at from a different perspective so you can resolve it and let it go?

I invite you to take time to clarify and activate your dreams before the year ends.

Or do you need to spark your optimism and joy again in time for the new year?

There’s no better time than NOW. This December begins with a full Solar Eclipse on the 4th – eclipses are powerful and auspicious times in ancient traditions that truly bring major shifts. Shifts that have the potency to impact the next six months! So, please don’t wait.

I’m offering a 10% discount for all sessions listed on my website in the month of December 2021. Let’s clear away the old and align your energy to kickstart a truly joyful and meaningful new year.

You will find a list of my services here and you may register here for a session.

See you soon.



Founder, Heartsong Healing Asia