Awaken Your True Power

Group A – Saturdays, 3pm – 6pm SGT

20 March, 27 March & 3 April 2021




Group B – Wednesdays, 7pm – 10pm SGT
24 March, 31 March & 7 April 2021



Venue: ZOOM Platform


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“In the Age of Aquarius, the power is turning over to the individual, and giving the freedom for you to choose your own reality based on what aligns with your soul.”

– Adam Sesay, astrologer

Why this workshop?

Are you exhausted, having driven yourself too hard to cope with 2020? Or feeling lost or uncertain about the post-Covid future?

What if you learnt that the newly-arrived Age of Aquarius is presenting you with unimaginable power to wipe the slate clean and re-create a future of your dreams?

Join us to take back your power, claim your hidden magic and acquire new energy tools to manifest a refreshed life filled with joy and purpose.

This three-session workshop will take you on an experiential journey to:

Session 1: Reset For This New Age

  • Appreciate the powerful RESETS humanity is experiencing in 2021 following the SACRED PAUSE of 2020
  • Discover what the Age of Aquarius brings to you
  • Re-calibrate and reset your personal focus and direction

Session 2: Unlock Your True Power

  • Shed light on your shadows
  • Open to the magic of your soul
  • Refresh your purpose and step into your superpowers

Session 3: Design Your Magical Life

  • Recognise the difference between the Intentional Life and the Incidental Life
  • Map out your dream life that is authentic, joyful and meaningful
  • Acquire energy tools to activate your Intentional Life

What will you learn?

You will journey with up to 9 participants in a safe space to reflect deeply, be vulnerable, celebrate strengths, dream boldly, lend support and inspire each other as you step into your brave, new world of joyful possibilities.

Be prepared to engage a delightful combination of cognitive, emotional and energy tools to navigate this course. Some participants have reported receiving powerful healing and insights during this course. Don’t miss this chance to step into your superpower and your dream life.

This workshop is for you, if:


2020 has turned your life around and you want to create a better 2021; or


you intuitively feel the dawn of a new era and want to jump into navigating the new opportunities with courage; or


you wish to expand your awareness of your unique gifts going forward; or


you would like to live a life of intention or clarify what your dream like looks like and plant the seeds for its manifestation; or


you are keen to accelerate the achievement of your long-awaited life goals; or


you would like to experience a dream visualisation process in a supportive group environment

What to bring

An open mind, and readiness to explore new possibilities.

No prior knowledge or experience on this topic is required.

 For Session 3, you will need to prepare a list of materials. A guide will be provided at least one week before the session.


    Session 1: Saturday, 20 March 2021
    Session 2: Saturday, 27 March 2021
    Session 3: Saturday, 3 April 2021


    Session 1: Wednesday, 24 March 2021
    Session 2: Wednesday, 31 March 2021
    Session 3: Wednesday, 7 April 2021


    Venue: ZOOM Platform

    Introductory Fee: S$350 


    1. Please sign up for either Group A (held on Saturdays) or Group B (held on Wednesdays).
    2. It is recommended that you stay with the same group for all 3 sessions.
    3. Class size is limited to 10 per run and we require a minimum of 3 to commence.
    4. Upon receiving your registration, payment instructions will be emailed to you. Once payment has been received, you will receive final confirmation and course materials via email.