About Heartsong Healing Asia


HeartSong Healing Asia helps you identify, heal, and transform the invisible blocks which have dulled the song of your heart


About Heartsong Healing Asia

Heartsong Healing Asia was founded by Margaret Thevarakom in Singapore in 2018.

Our ultimate goal is to help you rediscover that spark in your life with our Signature 5-Step Heartsong Healing & Transformation Journey.

We offer a range of services that can be tailored for an individual or a group. As your light shines brighter, you will experience the tremendous magic of sharing your gifts and make a genuine difference in the lives of people around you.

Our objective is to create and provide a safe, positive, and nurturing space for you to heal and grow your mind, body and spirit without any fear of judgment or criticism. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us and we will treat with respect and confidentiality all information that you share with us during your healing journey. 

We firmly believe that everyone can and should live their best lives and it is our commitment to help guide you to your best life. Whether you are new to holistic healing or have a firm grasp of the philosophy behind it, we welcome you warmly and will work with you to customise your own life transformation journey that best meets your desired goals and outcomes.

The Story behind our Logo

The tree in the logo symbolises the safe, powerful and wholesome transformation process offered by Heartsong Healing Asia.

The hands represent a movement that celebrates diversity. It also shows how Heartsong Healing Asia holds space for and supports individuals going through a soul-inspired transformation.

The heart-shaped leaves which make up the canopy represent heart-based transformations that are the foundation of our work.

 The colours used symbolise the various aspects of this transformation process:

  • Blue for truth, stability and inspiration
  • Magenta for harmony, balance, compassion and kindness
  • Purple for wisdom, spirituality, and magic
  • Red for power, passion, love and joy

The tagline represents our mission to connect you to your Authentic Joy, guide you towards Holistic Well-Being and help you experience Life Transformation through our work.