About Margaret


Life Transformation Coach and Intuitive Healer



About Margaret 


In 2017, Margaret left a 25-year career in the not-for profit world where she led regional and global collaborations to empower vulnerable people and communities around the world to improve their lives. Following her departure, she was inspired to explore new ways to employ her gifts to empower and support individuals on their life journey.

Margaret had been through a profound personal crisis in her 30s that had altered the course of her life. Faced with the prospect of her carefully built life disintegrating, Margaret serendipitously met a spiritual mentor who guided her to re-evaluate, heal and transform her life.

This inspired in her a renewed clarity and commitment to employ her gifts to fulfil her life purpose of helping people connect with their true power. It resulted in her excelling in her career to become a leader in global collaborations empowering vulnerable communities around the world.


Margaret Thevarakom

Life Transformation Coach
and Intuitive Healer

Margaret then trained as a life transformation consultant and began offering services to help guide others on their spiritual healing and transformation journeys.

Energised and motivated by the initial success in her clients’ lives, she decided to set up Heartsong Healing Asia in 2018 to help more people transform their lives, achieve their highest potential and dance to what she endearingly calls, their unique heart’s song.

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